Continuous Flo-Thru Finishing Machines

Ultramatic CT Series

Ultramatic is the number one manufacturer of Inline Flo-Thru Continuous Systems which receive parts as fast as one per second. Whether your part is a powdered metal automotive clutch plate, screwdriver blade, die casting or stamping we have a Flo-Thru that will meet the continuous feed production rate right from your press. We have over 40 years experience to custom design a complete system including part feed conveyor, post process rinse and dry system. Inline Flo-Thru Series Are Available in Open Tub Design in addition to our Standard Tube.
  • Patented O.H.D vibrator design
  • Curved wall tub
  • J.I.C. Electrical control panel
  • Auto grease lubrication
  • Oscillating Screen
  • Multi Speed Direct Drive TEFC motor
  • Endless Trough Type Media Return Conveyor
  • Part Feed Opening
  • Welded & stress relieved tub construction
  • Removable cast urethane drains
  • Coil Spring Suspension with Urethane mounts
  • Media unload door
  • Auto Premix Compound System
  • Sound Absorbing Material in Guards
  • Adjustable amplitude
    Optional Features:
  • dBa Reduction Package
  • Screen Spray System
  • Air Knife Part Blow Off Station
  • Part Turn Over Deck
  • Adjustable Endplate for Variable Cycle Times
  • Part Feed Conveyors
  • Settlings Tanks and Filtration Systems
  • Part Washer / Dryer Systems

Ultramatic CT Series
Ultramatic FT Series