VH Centrifugal Barrel

VH CB 30 Standard CB Models 30, 60, 100 with horizontal barrels, variable speed, process timer, jog forward and reverse with quick disconnect.
The centrifugal barrel consists of 4 hexagon barrels mounted on the periphery on a variable speed turret. The turret rotates while each barrel continually rotates on its own axis in the opposite direction. This motion develops a “G” force in each barrel resulting in an extremely high rate of sliding action and pressure which greatly reduces time cycles. These machines can be used wet or dry with a wide variety of media and compounds.
Application results range from very aggressive deburring of hard alloys to the low micro finishes on jewelry. Part size varies from small or miniature to larger parts that would require extensive hand finishing or long processing cycles in conventional barrels or vibrators.
We offer two types of centrifugal barrels. The standard CB models have horizontal mounted barrels, whereas the BDTB models have angled or tilted barrels which combine a centrifugal force with a “Figure 8” action to produce parts with exceptional deburring and edge radiusing in even shorter time cycles.
CBTB Models with angled barrels to produce “Figure 8” action for exceptional processing. Pictured are 8 half barrels to process several different parts at the same time.

Model # CB-30 CB-60 CB-100
Barrel Speed Variable Variable 1-160 RPM
Motor HP 2.0 3.7 7.0
Barrel Capacity .250 cu.ft. .500 cu.ft. 1.250 cu.ft.
Barrel Dimensions 11 5/8" x 6 1/2" 16 3/8" x 8 1/4" 18 5/8" x 10"
Machine Dimensions 37"Wx40"Lx48"H 48"Wx39.5"Lx61"H 60"Wx53"Lx64"H
Shipping Weight 880 lbs. 1380 lbs. 1984 lbs.
Maximum Load 1.0 cu.ft. 2.0 cu.ft. 5.0 cu.ft.