Multi-Pass Flo-Thru Finishing Machines

VibeTech Helix (Multi-Channel) Finishers

This multi-channel finisher is ideal for smaller parts that need processes such as washing, descaling, polishing, or minimal burr removal. With continuous cycle times ranging from 2 to 25 minutes the Helix finisher allows for process flexibility. Because channel sizes range from 2 to 9 inches, depth of mass is relatively low, so only small burrs are removed. Our design differs from the competition in two ways. First, the Helix internally separates the media from the parts, eliminating external separation equipment. Second, the mass spirals inward, allowing parts to be loaded on the outer channel rather than requiring expensive material handling to load the inner-most channel. These machines are built to suit whatever process you may have.
  • Helix design allows for long continuous process times within one machine.
  • Eliminates part impingement
  • Heavy-Duty double-row spherical roller bearings on main drive shaft
  • Heavy-Duty welded construction
  • Premium polyurethane lining
  • Extra large springs for durability
  • Lower maintenance costs than competition
  • Industry’s best designed lubricated drive system
Model VTGH-55-4-2
Model VTH-100-8-2C