Wastewater Sampling

We can test sample the wastewater in your deburring or finishing setup and evaluate which filtration system will be the most efficient application for your needs.

Wastewater Treatment as simple as it should be. Our areas of wastewater treatment specialties include:

  • Part Washing
  • Vibratory Deburring
  • Mop and Scrubber Water
  • Paint and Ink Washers
  • Die Casting
  • Dye Penetrants
  • Adhesive Wash Water

We have the specialists who are able to tackle your wastewater problems.

Environmental Consulting Services

Professional assistance for treatment and reuse applications.

Treatment chemistry

Conventional and our RM-10 clay based flocculants

Specialized Treatment

Let us solve your most difficult treatment problems. (BOD, MOLY, Arsenic, Copper)


Pre-treatment Systems, Pollishing Units, Filtration Systems, Dewatering Systems

Upgrade Specialists

We are industry leaders in upgrades and improvements to existing systems.