Finishing Compounds

Finishing compounds are designed to provide a variety of finishing requirements such as water conditioning, cleaning, metal brightening, rust inhibiting, degreasing, descaling, and polishing. Compounds for mass finishing are usually liquids, which are mixed with water in concentrations from 1-10%. Compounds provide excellent detergency and cleaning, inhibition of parts and steel media, soil suspension to prevent deposits, and controlled foaming. Powder compounds are used to include abrasives for special purpose applications such as part on part finishing. Thick liquids or pastes are also used as carriers of special abrasives for cutting and polishing operations. Compounds used in close-loop systems should include bio-stabilizers to prevent bacteria, mold and fungus from growing in reservoirs.

Deburring Compounds

Formulated to clean the parts and media, suspend oils, prevent deposits and foam, and enhance the deburring cycles.

VF-77 - A unique blend of quality raw materials proven to be an excellent compound for controlling the white film residue that plagues most users of plastic and synthetic media. Works equally well on ceramic media applications.

VF-77NC - Non-chelating for deburring all non-ferrous metals. Cleans oils and prevents foam and deposits on parts. Does not emulsify oils for easier disposal.

LB-140b - A neutral pH, recyclable, low foaming which works well under a wide range of conditions and able to withstand moderate soil loads. Unique lubricity allows fast surface improvement while obtaining excellent color and reflectivity. Provides corrosion protection and contains biocide to control rancidity.

LB-160 - Low foaming especially with plastic media, neutral pH, recyclable for use in high energy equipment. Unique dispersion characteristics allow fast surface improvements while attaining excellent color and reflective qualities. Can withstand moderate soil loads. For use on all ferrous and most non-ferrous alloys.

Cleaning Compounds

Formulated to remove oil, grease soil, and other contaminates, promote media cutting or finishing, and to produce bright parts.

VF-100 - Heavy Duty Cleaner. An excellent cleaner for heavier oils and grease, works extremely well with ceramic applications. Blended with inhibitors to help control the rusting problems of ferrous metals. Designed primarily for ferrous part applications.

VF-262 - Degreaser / Burnisher. A special blend of raw materials that effectively breaks down most oils and light heat scale. Is also an excellent burnishing compound when used with Precision Media (ceramic polishing media).

Fastcut SSM Cleaner - Highly akaline cleaner providing emulsification and removal of oils. Good inhibitor, suspends particles, prevents deposits, and leaves parts bright.

VF-220P - A powder compound that can be used as a heavy duty cleaner or burnishing compound. Is extremely effective in high energy and rotary barrel applications.

Scalecut HD - Acidic compound for removing heavy rust, heat scale, and other discolorations. Excellent sudsing to suspend particlas and eliminate smut.

Burnishing Compounds

Formulated to provide high color or highly reflective finishes on a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, plastics, and composites using porcelian, steel media, or dry polishing.

VF-900 - A compound blended from quality raw materials including inhibitors to prevent rusting of ferrous parts or steel media. Produces bright finishes on zinc, brass, copper, steel, and various other metals.

VF-103 - Excellent results when used with ceramic polishing media, i.e. spheres, triangles or cylinders. Effective on aluminum and both ferrous and non-ferrous part applications.

RM1000 - High viscosity soap to reduce impingment and provide low micro-finishing of all alloys and composites. Excellent in high energy or rotary applications.

LB-747 - A mildly acidic burnishing and bleaching compound for ferrous and most non-ferrous metals. Yields exceptional high color and luster in ball burnishing operations. Steel media obtains and retains maximum brightness. Steel media and parts should be inhibited to prevent corrosion.

#661P - Cleaning and burnishing powder which promotes excellent color on ferrous metals, especially stainless steel.

RF Hilite Dry - Medium corn cob blended with waxes to impart a mirror finish on ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, plastics and composites in high energy applications.

Inhibiting Compounds

Formulated to inhibit part, and enhance and prepare surface for subsequent applications.

VF-RI-8B - Excellent for dipping and spraying parts or when you need additional inhibitor to add in your compounds. Can also be used to prevent the rusting of steel media while in storage.

#100P - Rust Inhibitor. Inhibition of cast iron, steel, and ferrous alloys. Final dip after deburring or finishing. Imparts microscopic film on surface but easily rinses off for subsequent operations.

#50R - An economical aqueous based inhibitor for ferrous metals. Provides a highly effective, invisible, non-sticky, non-greasy barrier. Will not interfere with subsequent operations such as brazing, welding, and anodizing. No ingredients are subject to rancidity.

Abrasive Grinding Compounds

Formulated to provide rapid cutting of heavy burrs, radiusing, and blending of surfaces and edges.

#885 Cut & Color - Fine abrasive that provides good cutting of media or part-on-part deburring. Imparts a bright matte finish.

G-6 Rough Cut - A natural abrasive for rapid cut of media or part-on-part deburring. Maintains very good color. Imparts a bright matte finish.

EHD Cut - A blend of coarse abrasives to provide rapid cut for heavy burrs or edge radius. Imparts dull matte finish.