Dry Polishing Supplies

New technology regarding centrifugal finishing equipment and dry finishing materials when utilized properly can rival hand buffed finishes. Dry finishing media does not have abrasive grains or particles embedded in them, but are coated with fine abrasive materials. Ground corn cobs coated with waxes can produce surface effects that are often close to those obtained by manual buffing. Process cycles are greatly reduced because many parts can be processed versus one at a time with manual buffing. A secondary consideration is that dry materials (sawdust, walnut shells, hardwood pegs or cubes) do not create wet effluent waste disposal problems or the need of subsequent cleaning operations to remove buffing compounds.

Originally, centrifugal equipment was developed for finishing small, light components and with all the pieces having critical tolerances that could not be handled in other types of mass finishing machines. With the development of larger machines, and automation, the process is now used for a broader range of applications. The equipment can be used for heavy stock removal and edge radiusing for both high and low volume applications, as well as precision finishing and polishing of hard metals, non-ferrous materials and plastics. These materials and processes are used in the surface preparation of precision parts within the aerospace, automotive, marine, medical, electronic, ball & roller bearings, fine blanking, plating, electro polishing, and coating industries.

Dry process materials have proven to be useful for producing both precision industrial finishes and highly reflective finishes for cosmetic or decorative applications such as jewelry. Using dry finishing with jewelry has been found to be useful in precious metal (gold, for example) salvage problems. Many manufacturers of precious metal jewelry who utilize wet process media find it difficult to reclaim 100% of the precious metal fines. Dry deburring and polishing media made from natural materials can be burned and consumed in the refining process.

Let us prove to you that dry polishing can save you time and money. Send us some sample parts for free processing. The parts will be returned in a few days with a process sheet detailing the equipment, materials, and time cycles used to produce your desired finish.

Sample Parts

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